Outlast Inspired Sentence Starters

"I want to kill them."
"There's my darling!"
"I won't give up on you, I know you're worth it!"
"You're going to make me work for it, aren't you - you little minx!"
"Come on man, get in! I've seen what they're capable of!"
"Heavier than you look... A little cardio wouldn't kill 'ya."
"He looks... nervous."
"I want you to have my baby!"
"We give him a running start?"
"You don't have to run from me, I only want to love you."
"I want his tongue... And liver."
"You want to shut him up?"
"You don't have to be alone anymore."
"Cowards and idiots, all of you."
"How ain't you dead yet?"
"Did I frighten you? I'm awfully sorry, I didn't mean to."
"Somebody's been telling stories outside of class..."
"Darling, let's not be ridiculous... Just come out and let's talk about it."
"You don't have to hide from me, I only want to help."
"This-! Is why-! We can't have-! Nice things!"
"Nobody loves you, nobody! You die alone, you shit!"
"*muffled screaming*"
"You weren't putting that tongue to any use anyway."
"Tell him he's got fifteen seconds to keep his job."
"Fuck me, they're bringing him in."
"Goddamn it, what else could go wrong?"
"Don't expect anything but honestly in my review of your performance."
"We could have been... beautiful..."
"Love is hard sometimes."
"Forgive me darling!"
"Don't leave me! I can't be alone!"
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"In the grand scheme of things, what does it matter? We all die."
Revolutionary Sentence Starters


Sadly, such words where not true.

He did not.

          He could not.

It almost felt like a mockery to his own immortality.

But of course the teen had made no intentions of such a mockery, he knew the other that much. It was a simple act of nativity.

The other had yet to know about his nature.

"— Not everything dies, something always remains, one way or another…"

       And it was tiresome.

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Smiles as if she's no idea what's happened.

      “— You always carried such an innocent mask, but; do not try to use it against me, I know it all to well” Hist tone flowing with a certain spitefulness.

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Tips the throne over.



"While you do say that I will have ‘greater power’ at the cost of what? I doubt I would retain all of my shinigami powers and a I am most familiar with them, I would rather not lose such abilities. There is another factor I am unsure you have considered - due to my transformation due to the hogyouku I am part hollow as well as being completely immortal and as quincy and hollow are utter opposites…"



"— I do not blame you for thinking that way, after all, you have been obsessed for to long. Slowly, planing to make yourself a transcendent being. And you succeeded, but-

How great are your powers? You have the immortality, but I see little greatness in you Aizen. I see little that could ever replace the Soul King.

And you lost your chance for that, so why not join me? Blessed with my powers or not, do not tell me you prefer to be a a lone figure in this War, to watch from afar… Do you want to put yourself in a similar position to Urahara Kusuke, the man you despise so much?” 

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"Dearest Husband... What would you do if I suddenly decided to dye my hair bright pink with silver tips and started to wear "punk" clothing?"


        “— Start a divorce”




"I guess that gives everyone a reason to get rid of you."


"— An insult is it… " He could not truly tell..

         ”— You see me as the wicked one, do you not?”

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Another one?

           How many of had to fall before they they realized resistance was a lost cause?.

But, perhaps beasts did not care to think that far.

"— Do not tell me you came here in hopes of winning."

             Truly, he grew so tired of it.



                                              — ≺ ✱ ≻ —

Boredom was nesting its way within him. It almost cheeked against his very bones, making everything seem gray as dust, even dulling his vision. It made him so… tired. It was feeling things such as this that made people age. 

Boredom was much like shades of grey; dull, tasteless. It could turn one into insanity, Kings and Queens alike. It left the imagination to eat at itself, until the most twisted thing became a form of entertainment.

He was no stranger to it, many time had it clawed at his own sanity. Many times had he turned to his very own twisted entertainment for it.

Just like now, he wished to escape the dry and tiresome boredom, but-

                  -Who could entertain, a King?

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